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Excerpt on some essential materials
AlMgSi0,5 / EN AW 6060 – 130 – 245 N/mm2

is the most commonly used material and belongs to the easily pressable alloys.
This alloy stands out due to

  • particulary good anodising quality,
  • seawater and thus corrosion resistance,
  • good weldability,
  • very good bending capacity - with corresponding strength

DIN 17615 - AlMgSi0,5 precision sections - is relevant for this material. It takes into account the quite good formability and the narrow tolerances and thin wall thicknesses possible as a result compared to other materials.
Applications: Architecture, mechanical engineering, furniture, vehicle construction, electrical engineering

AlMgSi0,7 / EN AW 6005A – 270 N/mm2

Similar properties to AlMgSi 0,5, but higher strengths - up to 270 N/mm2 - for appropriate applications.
Applications: Mechanically stressed components

AlMgSi1 / EN AW 6082 – 205 bis 310 N/mm2

Construction material 

  • with high strength values
  • good weldability
  • seawater and therefore corrosion resistant
  • technically anodisable - not used for decorative purposes

Applications: Components subject to high mechanical stress

AlCuMgPb / EN AW 2007 – 340 bis 370 N/mm2

Naturally hard material - especially suitable for machining (short chip due to Pb content).
Applications: Drilling and turning material

AlZn4,5Mg1 / EN AW 7020 – bis 350 N/mm2

Difficult to press construction material with excellent weldability.
Applications: highly stressed welded structures, especially in construction and mechanical engineering.

AlZnMgCu1,5 / EN AW 7075 – 500 bis 530 N/mm2

The material for highest loads and stresses (very low corrosion resistance)
Applications: Structures with very high stress in aircraft, vehicle and mechanical engineering.

Al99,5 / EN AW 1050 – H0 bis H28

Naturally hard material, mainly for rolled products
Applications: Metal processing

AlMg1 / EN AW 5005 – H0 bis H38

Naturally hard material, resistant to seawater, good weldability, good anodising properties, for decorative surfaces.
Applications: Facade, metal and vehicle construction, packaging

AlMg3 / EN AW 5754 – bis 180 N/mm2

Naturally hard material for rolled products and simple profile cross-sections

  • with very good corrosion resistance,
  • good weldability,
  • good anodising quality.

Applications: Architecture, mechanical engineering and furniture industry

AlMg4,5Mn / EN AW 5083 – H0 bis H362

Naturally hard material, resistant to seawater, good weldability, excellently suitable for statically stressed constructions.
Applications: Important alloy for shipbuilding, furthermore in mechanical engineering, vehicle and apparatus construction, civil engineering

Other alloys – especially from the hot and cold rolling range on request, 
including: 1100, 1200, 1230, 1235, 3003, 3005, 3103, 3105, 5049, 8006, 8009, 8011, 8079

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  • Eloxal
  • Aluminium powder coating
  • Aluminium processing
  • Aluminium assemblies
  • Aluminium profiles for the construction industry
  • Aluminium profiles for window construction
  • Aluminium profiles for mechanical engineering
  • Aluminium profiles for kitchens and furniture

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